Wow Lucy I do have alot of explaining to do

I hadn’t realized I havent updated my blog since October and it has EVERYTHING to do with my last post. I got a call October 17th at 11pm that has and will change my life forever :0) My sister in law called and asked me if my husband and I were interested in adoption and I told her we were looking into it through the foster care system. Then she asked me again were we interested in adopting and I didn’t know where she was going with her questions so finally I just said yes. Well that lead to her telling me that a friend of hers had a cousin that is pregnant and wanted Allen and I to adopt the baby. I just about dropped the phone. My sister in law gave me her friends number and told me to call her that she was waiting for me. I called her immediatly and spoke to her little did I know her cousin was there as well and I asked her if she was serious about placing the baby for adoption and she was apparently my sister in law had told her about our trials trying to have a baby and she decided she wanted us to adopt. Well she is now 7 months pregnant and we are expecting a little boy in May, Allen and I got to go to her sex determination ultrasound appointment and be there for the BIG news. I am so in love with the little person and can not wait to meet him :0) I speak to our birth mom all the time and she is such a wonderful person. Allen came home in December and we have been in high gear since then we recently moved to a better home our previous home wasn’t the greatest. We have been getting as much as we can ready for our new addition and one of my friends is throwing a virtual baby shower for us since the majority of my friends are all over the place thanks to this lovely military life :0) I am so so over the moon happy. We are having a baby and his name is Nathan :0)


Life can throw you a wonderful curve ball when you least expect it.

So unfortunaly the job did not last short of 3 months I was let go due to not catching up on my productivity. I cried the first few days but then I realised maybe it was for the better I havent done anything in medical billing for years. I am counting down to a hopeful return of my husband soon they have been doing a lot of flip flopping. So I am back to the drawing board of trying to find a job :0( I did however have something extrememly wonderful happen last night I can’t share now but its AWESOME!!!!!

Updates slowly but surely

Lets see what to update first. I have a job! I have been gainfully employed now for a month. I work in a hospital doing billing which was scary since I have never done billing before but I have a grasp of it now and are moving along daily. Two, we stopped our foster asoption process for a little while but now we are back to business. My niece was going to move in with us but plans changed so we were able to continue if she had moved in we would have had to do another evaluation with her as a member of our family and her feelings were then to be part of our evaluation. Three, Allen and I are now looking into doing embryo adoption as well I have a consult appointment next month. Hopefully we will be blessed to extend our family with one of these routes if not both. So that is life currently in a nutshell. Allen is still deployed :0( but doing well he finished all his requirements for his Associates degree and hopefully will be able to participate in the graduation ceremony :0) My brother and sister in law came for a visit unfortunalty it was for my uncles funeral this past Thursday. I worry about my mother as he was her baby brother. No one should have to bury all the members of their immediate family. He will be missed………..

So we are still waiting

But aren’t the best things in life worth waiting for……………….

I am still volunteering and I like what I do. I help make little peoples lives better when they are having a really, really bad day. The last time I spoke to our social worker she said we should hopefully be licensed by the end of the month. Jury is still out on that.

Allen is still deployed and doing fine. He started some of his classes last night. I am so proud of him :0) Deployed and still working on his degree. Beat that handsome, smart, and defends the country. G.I. Joe you don’t have anything on my hubby!!!!

Update or lack of updates…………..

So Allen left for his current deployment and I still don’t have a job ( not for lack of trying ). We completed all of our paperwork towards becoming foster parents and Allen even finished up some additional paperwork before he left just in case it was needed while he is gone. I completed my CPR/First Aid class this past Saturday. I was hoping to get into a SIDS class on this upcoming Thursday but I havent heard anything yet.
Our social worker told us that she was presenting our paperwork to her supervisior for inital review and then it will go before a panel for final vote so basically we are at a sit and wait point. I told Allen that I am not so upset over the job since GOD is in control so maybe the job thats right for me hasn’t opened yet or maybe we are looking at an infant placement that will require me to be home with him/her for longer than a job would allow right now. Only time will tell

And then there was a change of plan…….

Our last IUI resulted in another BFN.

Right now Allen is getting ready to redeploy in the near future so we are out of cycling until he comes home which looks like sometime in 2012 😦 I am going to use the time to work on loosing some weight and most importantly my well being. We are on a tentative list for IVF candidates with our clinic so we just have to see how things work out when Allen gets home and how our money looks for paying for another IVF round. The clinic sent me their current proce list and currently we are looking at 10,000 as long as there are no additional changes.

In better news we finished our foster child classes. Now we just have to finish more paperwork and inspections. Did I mentiona our case has to be reviewed again to see if we are fit foster parents 😦 I am putting all my faith in GOD that it will work out. We had a 3 hour Q and A session with our social worker this past week and she didnt seem to be worried about anything.

I have had 2 job interviews but nothing yet I am holding out faith that I get one of them :0)

Until next time………

The Army Wives Prayer

“The Army Wife Prayer”

Dear Lord,
Give me the greatness of heart to see the difference between duty and his love for me. Give me understanding that I may know, when duty calls him he must go. Give me a task to do each day, to fill the time when he’s away. And Lord, when he’s in a foreign land, keep him safe in your loving hand. And Lord, when duty is in the field, please protect him and be his shield. And Lord, when deployment is so long, please stay with me and keep me strong.


Author: anonymous

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